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We bring many years of industry experience to our consulting projects. We only accept projects to which we can add clear and measurable value. If this is not the case, we send our regrets.

We know the industry so well that you see
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Christoph Teo.

Manufacturing &

Successful businesses in these industries are characterized by consistent high quality and constant innovation of products and processes. Advances in automation and the development of new technologies, such as in machine control and its networking and interlinking, enable continual increases in efficiency.
T60 has analyzed the production, sourcing and distribution of many sophisticated mechanical-engineering projects in order to significantly reduce costs, sustainably increase the flexibility of production, and develop production processes and associated IT systems.

Aviation &

Companies in the aerospace, security and defence industries currently face a multitude of challenges, such as special economic conditions resulting in peak orders related to actual geopolitical events. Added to this are bottlenecks in the supply chain, a shortage of skilled workers, and sharply rising costs, including energy.
In this dynamic environment, T60 helps executives address and sustainably resolve their most pressing challenges. This includes subjects such as the restructuring of development areas and purchasing functions, expansion planning, or the professionalization of project management. We know from long and often painful experience why one should apply things like systems engineering, requirements management, or a work breakdown structure to complex projects.

Automotive &

The automotive industry and, more generally, the entire mobility industry are increasingly experiencing a permanent state of tension. Years of crisis have forced capacity to flexibly adapt to (lower) demand, while changing regulatory requirements demand successive adjustments in the product portfolio. For OEMs, it’s a matter of differentiating vehicle segments with often-reduced unit numbers per segment, of rebuilding established markets with deep investments in new technologies, and of opening up new geographic markets through massive capacity expansion.
As a member of the Pixida Group, T60 has successfully supported manufacturers, suppliers and service providers for more than a decade in a wide range of issues, from strategic orientation to operational implementation to IT-system mapping and implementation.

Public Sector &

The public sector fundamentally determines the framework in which markets operate and the way value flows are managed. T60 works with national and regional authorities, municipalities and trade organizations, as well as state-owned enterprises, helping them to achieve their economic and social goals. In the process, innovative solutions derived from privately organized companies are often adapted to corresponding requirements, and specific solutions are newly developed.