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Want to talk?

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We work for that moment when our consulting leads clients to a completely new perspective on their industry and company, and to seeing new and amazing opportunities that hadn’t been visible before. T60’s knowledge and management expertise make this possible.

From agile to transformation –
there’s so much we can help with.

Stefan Mittig.

Digital Value &
Strategy Execution

Creating digital value or value from digital has become an indispensable prerequisite for business success and sustainable value creation. We see ourselves as experts in operationalizing this value in the execution of your strategy and embedding it accordingly in your organization. We view the operationalizing of value and, thereby, the immediate activation of your value as our primary goal, which requires extensive expert knowledge and many years of experience of every individual involved.
T60 is exactly the right partner for this.

Business &
IT Transformation

The transition of companies in terms of digital transformation continues inexorably and remains one of the most important changes of our era. Companies fail to implement important building blocks, for example by not recognizing the need to manage change, or by not establishing future-oriented employee strategies.
At T60, we accompany our clients from strategic research to actual implementation – because transformation in action is T60’s DNA!

Operations &

Business processes must be regularly adapted, or even reinvented, to new requirements in order to stay ahead of the competition. We help our clients along the whole value chain, not only to uncover their full potential, but also to realize it effectively and efficiently. Process optimization, digitization, or targeted innovation can reduce costs and improve quality and service.

Program &
Interim Management

In most areas of today’s economy, the trend towards individual, flexible, and custom solutions has prevailed. Current challenges require increasingly flexible corporate structures and superior project management paired with practical-implementation skills and solid leadership experience. The same applies to special conditions, for which a company cannot or may not wish to maintain long-term readiness.
At T60, we’re convinced that program management, and the use of interim managers for challenging projects, are sensible and value-adding supplements. We see ourselves as the partner with a proven record that can provide precisely these competences.